Best SEO Marketing Tools to Discover What is Trending on Search Engines

Using best seo marketing tools is no doubt one of the major factors for achieving best seo management of a website is the ability of a website marketer to understand and seize the moment at hand, and capitalize on a trending item that a particular audience may need, and repackage it so it becomes very relevant to the reached market.

To achieve the best seo management of a business website, you need to understand the use of some of these best seo marketing tools if not, you go for the service of any of the top seo marketing companies to guarantee you the success of your business website.

best seo marketing tools

Having put in place the best seo marketing strategy of your business website, it is important that you know what is trending per time, this will enable you take advantage of such trends to cash in on your potential audience who will become your customers very soon.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your website is a personal blog where you publish Adsense, run some Affiliates or a company business website, there is vital need for you to engage the best seo marketing tools for your website to succeed.

Benefits of Using the Best SEO Marketing and Tools

The benefits of using seo marketing tools are very many. When well understood and correctly engaged, seo marketing tools can help your business website not just getting listed on search engines, but can push your site from page three to page one of top three search engines thereby attracting more business for you.

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Another benefit of implementing SEO marketing is that it is relatively cheaper yet yields much more results when compared to other traditional methods such as television, Radio and print media.

Now, let us examine some of the best seo marketing tools to tell you what is hot and trending this month, this week and even today.

1. Best Seo Marketing Tools: Google Keyword Planner

This seo marketing tool from Google is one of the best, it is very fast and free to use. It help you compare two or more keywords which enables you see which of the keywords has a higher search volume, lower competitions and how searches changes from time to time.

2. Best Seo Marketing Tools: Google Trends Hot Searches

This is another great tool from Google that displays a list of the top 20 searches on a daily basis. Just click on any top of the keyword displayed, and a search volume index chart will be generated automatically showing searchers interest over the past 24 hours or so.

In addition, snippets of the top Google results for that keyword for news, blogs, and Web searches is generated and displayed before your very eyes. This is a perfect seo marketing tool for looking at upcoming trends that might provide ranking and traffic opportunities for your website.

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3. Best Seo Marketing Tools: Google Insights for Search

Yet another web marketing tool from Google, GIS help you compare web search results by locations or time ranges then filter by categories, geographical locations, search type such as images, events, products, news etc.

You can compare and filter up to five terms at a time. You must understand that raw search volume numbers are very helpful as it enables you to select one term over the other, with this information, you can now target each phrase based on the specific search market volume.

4. Best Seo Marketing Tools: Wordtracker Top Keywords

This is another web seo marketing tool that is perfect for looking out for upcoming trends for you to cash in on. It is a unique tool in the sense that it provides you with two lists of the top 500 most searched keywords within the last one year and within the last 48 hours.

In addition, the search volume for each keyword phrase is also provided. Another tool that is good for looking out for upcoming trends for you to capitalize on.

5. Best Seo Marketing Tools: TweetStats

This web marketing too from Twitter provides you with two charts that display what is trending on Twitter: one displays the chart for today’s top 10 trends while the other displays chart for the current trend.

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With this information you can get involved in the most talked about items, events, news conversations of the day; this in turn opens you up to new avenues for networking and engagement.

6. Best Seo Marketing Tools: Trendsmap

This is the best seo marketing tool for you in case you want to know what people in your location or any other location in the world are tweeting about.

Trendsmap shows you trends based on geographical locations. By using this data, you can get in touch with tweeters within your locality who shares similar personal or business interests and ideas. Trendsmap is a great local networking tool for seo marketing

7. Best Seo Marketing Tools: YouTube Trends Dashboard

YouTube Trends is another good marketing tool for your business; it shows you the hottest and trending videos on YouTube Dashboard. For best marketing, you can filter these videos by locations, age, most viewed, most shared or most downloaded.

In addition to entertainment, YouTube Trends Dashboard videos also help you see what is catching the attention of the majority of internet users.

I want to believe that this post has helped you in one way or the other, I appreciate your coming and reading this post; may you get the required wisdom for putting to use the things you learned herein.






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