5 Best Free Website Traffic Methods


Starting a blog or website is easy but getting traffic is not that easy. Website traffic is a major concern for the bloggers and various website owners.

You can buy traffic using Google adwords, Facebook ads, twitter ads and other paid channel. But when you are starting your blog, you are on tight budget and you can not go for paid traffic.

That leaves you with other Website Traffic Methods option which is free traffic. However, SEO is best free traffic generator but that takes time and effort, seo traffic generation does not happen overnight.

But there are few ways to boost up your blog traffic while you work on online and offline SEO.

Best Website Traffic Methods

1. Viral Content Buzz Community

There are several communities online in which you can promote other blogger’s work and earn credits.

You can further use these credits to hire guys to do the same for you. There is no trick involved in this method. It’s straightforward method that the more you share other people’s stuff, more your website will get the exposure.

Once you opt this method, Viral Content Buzz checks your social media accounts conscientiously.

Once it is verified that you are sharing the content genuinely then your website would automatically start getting more exposure.

Just be sure before sharing your content that you submit your best content to the Viral Buzz Community because people don’t share the content before reading. If your content is excellent, you will get better views on your website or blog.

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2. Getting Traffic from Quora

Quora is a Question and Answer platform where anyone can answer or ask any question. In fact, Quora is the most popular Question and Answer platform in the world. Quora has high authority. So, if you make links on Quora, it indirectly help in SEO of your blog.

To get traffic from Quora, all you have to do is, accurately answer the popular questions and leave a follow-up link to your website in that answer. Make sure the content in your website is relevant to your answer. There are several things that you need to consider before you can drive huge traffic from Quora.

# Make a legit, good looking, trustworthy profile.
# Find relevant topics and questions to answer.
# Write interesting answers.
# Use ethical methods to link your websites.
# Get lots of Upvotes.
# Make sure your answer stays at top.

Quora is all about the answers that you write. Keep it short and straightforward. It should be easily readable. You can also share the questions that you answered in various social media platforms.

3. Intro Method To Get Massive Forum Traffic

Forums are a platform in which you can post a problem privately or publicly and get appropriate solutions or vice versa. You may be knowing this method, but we will take you to the details. Forum method is a prevalent method to attract website traffic. All you need is to regularly participate in the forum and once you get an opportunity just try to start a new thread.

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The thread should be related to your niche. This technique produces excellent results as it functions on basic human psychology. Whenever you visit a forum to get some information about a particular topic and see a relevant link, then you tend to follow that link.

For example, you search for best tips to rank my site on a forum. While reading, you see a link to more tips to rank your site. You would be inclined towards the link. It is how you end up landing on a new blog or website. So, you can use the same technique to attract natural organic traffic to your site.

4. Email Signature

An email is a great tool for marketing. But I bet that you have not used the Email, the way you should use it. Recently the usage of Emails in digital marketing have grown rapidly. All you need to is to use an email signature while sending an email. Gmail can be useful for this purpose.

Gmail has lots of tools that ease out this process. It is a harsh but fact that no one would take that much pain actually to type the URL of your website to visit it. People are damn lazy and they don’t want to do an extra thing.

Therefore, whenever you send any regular email or a promotional email just place a link to your work or website below your name. This way people would be just a click away from your site. They won’t have much to do just follow the link. This method would generate enough traffic to your website.

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5. Find And Pull Method

Find and pull method is one of the easiest ways so far we have discussed recently in this post. All you need is to find a related blog with already high genuine organic traffic.

That sounds easy, but you should still stick to some ground rules for better results. To find a related blog, you have to use Google a lot to find some pre-existing content or even a website which is devoted to the same niche. Once you find a site of your interest, subscribe to that website to receive new notification of the articles posted on the site.

You can also use Google Alert feature to get recent updates from a particular blogger.

As soon as you get a post similar to your niche, just read it scrupulously. After reading the article post a unique and genuine comment on the blog with a link to your blog below it. You should be just aware of the fact that rather than providing the link to your blog’s home page provide a link that is direct to page you are aiming for.

For example, if you are commenting on a blog related to a certain topic like best WordPress plugins then comment a link to the page in which you have explained the methods yourself rather than the homepage of your blog or website.

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